Baby Driver

Baby Driver (2017)
Dir. Edgar Wright
R / 1h 52m / Action, Crime, Music

Your name’s Baby? B-A-B-Y Baby?

A few months ago I saw the trailer for Baby Driver and immediately I judged it as just another action flick / car chase film with an eye catching cast – until I heard the title – that was when I knew it was going to be stupid. Even after seeing this film and proving myself wrong on its stupidity – I still think the title is stupid.

My foot is in my mouth for the rest of it.

Baby Driver is the smartest action flick / car chase film I have ever seen and maybe ever will see – it is unique, not so much in its storyline, but in its execution – and it is one of the MOST exhilarating edge-of-your-seat films you’ll have the pleasure of seeing this year.

baby driver Ansel-Elgort-in-Baby-Driver

Baby (Egort) is a get away driver that is seemingly bound by debt to Doc (Spacey) – a crime organizer. He suffers from tinnitus and relies on music to drive the best that he can and gets caught up in a final heist along with baddies Bats (Foxx), Buddy (Hamm) and Darling (Gonzalez) that endangers not only himself but also his new love, Debora (James).

One of my earliest reactions was that no one can out-drive or out-music Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011) and there are still parts of Drive that Baby Driver didn’t deliver – there was a certain dreaminess Gosling brought to his criminality that Egort did NOT provide – but Egort brought us a level of innocence and duty that was much easier to relate to. He was charming, ambitious, caring – and fuckin talented.

Car chase scenes and gun fights are a dime a dozen – and honestly I hate them – but Baby Driver does something new and creative and exciting by syncing up the action with the music for a new spin on old storytelling and it will make you MELT.

M E L T.

I’ve never seen anything like it outside of a musical. In it’s own special, dark and twisted way, this could even be a musical.

In addition to Ansel Egort’s amazing lead, we gotta talk about Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm supporting. Foxx gives us SUCH A HATEFUL PIECE OF SHIT that you can’t help but be impressed with him while Hamm gives us one of those lovable bad guys that you relate to and understand and then he has the freakout moment you always knew he was capable of but never wanted to see him so upset. There’s no balance in this film, crime is mostly in the spotlight with little moments of goodness that make you feel a little hopeful until it’s ripped away again – so basically what I’m trying to say here is that there’s no way you could see this film and sit there and not feel anything.

Baby Driver gives us a star studded cast tasked with bringing familiar storytelling and overdone action scenes to a new, adventurous, groovy light and my god – it succeeded in all the best ways. Going forward, Baby Driver sets the bar for my acceptable thrills that include cars and guns and I CAN’T BELIEVE that one day I’m going to own this film. I never thought I’d see the day this genre slips into my top 10 but yall – here I am – and HERE IT IS.



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