Girls (2012 – 2017)
TV Series / MA / 28m / Comedy, Drama
Emmy Winner (2012) – Outstanding casting for a comedy series
Golden Globe Winner (2013) – Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Golden Globe Winner (2013) – Best Performance by an actress in a television series, Comedy or Musical, Lena Dunham
Emmy Winner (2016) – Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy series, Peter Scolari

I’m going to tell you some things about being alive. Life, man. I can’t guarantee perfection but I can guarantee intrigue.

I was on the GIRLS train late – I binged the whole series in early season 5 – and I completely regret waiting so long. This series broke my heart and also uplifted me so many times through its six glorious seasons and I will buy the box set and I will watch and cry for years to come.

This story revolves around four girlfriends. Hannah (Dunham) the writer, Marnie (Williams) the singer, Jessa (Kirke) the rule breaker, and Shoshanna (Mamet) the good girl. With regular appearances from males Adam (Driver), Elijah (Rannells), and Ray (Karpovsky), the cast is well rounded and easily play off of each other’s chemistry.  The years of their 20’s are explored, relationships built and broken, and lives are made through trial and error.

There are a few character development paths that greatly appeal to me – and some that I appreciate but cannot relate to. GIRLS truly was written for someone and everyone – the personalities and traits of the girls are depicted so that you can pick out parts of yourself in each of them. Each branch of their friendship (including the males) is able to be assigned to your own friendships. GIRLS allows you to reminisce, regret, swoon and adore for 30+ hours.

Since season one I have related to Hannah the most. She’s self centered, has dry humor and has a huge passion for writing. Her friendships have a painfully obvious ebb and flow and she attaches herself to her experiences for the article. She finds inspiration through every day life for the article. There are some parts of Hannah so scarily like me that I have trouble moving on from it. In fact, last night I lost sleep after watching the series finale.

Early on, her beginnings with Adam were terribly, terribly reminiscent of a relationship I had in my 20th year with someone who was also terribly reminiscent of Adam. Watching it unfold was like reading the diary I didn’t keep and feeling empty because of it. I struggled with watching Hannah trying to decide to move on. I struggled with watching her struggle seeing him move on. I cried my eyes out on season six when they were sitting at that table together and both of them knew that it just wasn’t going to work. It’s difficult to watch as a whole.

I related to Hannah’s selfish tendencies and her bad habit of putting herself before other people. This caused rifts in her relationships with her friends – everything I know too well. I related to her relationship with Marnie as the one and found solace in their ending together. I understood her stinginess when it came to Elijah. I related to her relationship with her divorced parents as an only child and the pain that comes with that.

But most of all, season six hit me hard as we watched Hannah take on motherhood and have to adapt to selflessness. I cried when Elijah told her that she would be a horrible mother. I cried when Adam told her he wanted to raise her baby together. I cried when Marnie woke up and told her “I am the best at being your friend. I have a lot to give and I want to give it all to you.” Sometimes it’s hard to surrender to all of the love you have in your life. Watching Hannah be loved and begin to love in a different way threw me into the good kind of spiral.

Clearly I am loyal to 1/4 of this show. Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna all bring important storylines and humors to the table – and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself in one of them. All I know is that I found myself in Hannah Horvath and I can say that I’m ready for so much more of this life because of it.



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