Passengers (2016)
PG13 / 1h 56m / Drama, Romance, Sci fi

You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be that you forget to make the most of where you are.

My husband really advocated for this film because he’s in love with Chris Pratt. He even bought the steel book without seeing it first.

I’ve seen some mixed reviews regarding Passengers, all of which I can understand. Personally, I wish it was rated R, had more realistic relationship building and went deeper into the philosophy of desperate loneliness but hey, I’m just an Alabama girl that works in finance, what do I know?

Chris Pratt gives us Jim Preston – arguably the most unlucky man alive – one of 5,000 people asleep for 120 years aboard a ship taking them to HOMESTEAD II (or as I like to call it, Planet B that NASA found last month) who is prematurely awoken from his cryo slumber because a meteor penetrated the ship just perfectly to only affect him. He was awoken so prematurely that he will actually die before they reach their destination.

So we’ve got a lonely man on our hands, a big empty spaceship, a robot companion for comedic relief (as usual) and 90 years to waste. Jim is a skilled mechanic but cannot put himself back to sleep and he struggles with deciding to wake up the beautiful girl, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence), he stumbled upon in the pod along the way to cure his loneliness.

To make a long story short, he breaks Aurora’s pod and they fall in love (because social utility, amiright?), she eventually finds out about Jim’s unforgivable act and avoids him, another person wakes up (gasp!) and they’re forced to work together to save the other 4,997 people from certain death. In that, she decides she really does care about him and she makes the choice of living the rest of their lives in solitude on this big ship in space, pg13 style.

Honestly the story would have been best without the peril. Chris and Jennifer have amazing chemistry and exploring how humans deal with loneliness and relationship building is much more profound. I wish that the implications of Jim’s decision to wake her up and consequently destroy her new life and force her to have a life with him were portrayed more heavily, I wish there was more time devoted to Aurora’s journey to forgiveness, her feelings about seriously only having one person to choose from for the rest of her life and I wish there were more scenes picturing the awkwardness of that situation.

So maybe I’m trying to re-genre this film, sue me. It had a bunch of potential. It wasn’t entirely wasted, no, I really enjoyed it for what it was.

7/10 – Chris Pratt can save my day any day.

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