About Time

About Time (2013)
R / 2h 3m / Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.

I remember the first time I watched About Time. I streamed it on HBO and it was a few weeks before I got married and I truly fell in love with it. Not only does it tackle time travel, but it portrays beautifully the relationship between father and son amidst the primary story of the metamorphosis of young love into familial love and responsibility.

So clearly, it was everything I needed to see before I married myself off.

I am in love with the notion of time travel. I study it and I seek out books and films that present new ideas around it. So when 21 year old Tim is told by his father that he can move freely through time and make decisions over again – it’s over for me, I’m won.

When Tim meets Mary, his efforts to win her over reduce me to a puddle. His ambition and care for her leaves you sighing in angst when it goes wrong and tearing up when he finally gets it right – and then you’re in for the best hour and half as the rest of their lives begin. We see them become parents and deal with the hardships of life and death. A little time travel here and there. Lots of hopefulness. Lots of sad and happy tears.


It’s average for an idea such as time travel take over an entire plot and shadow a film’s true messages but that is not the case here. The time travel acts as a comedic relief in most scenes, which sets it apart from all other coming of age romantic comedies.

Being 21 and almost a wife – everything pictured felt both so close and so far away. It was neat and exciting seeing a life on screen that I would soon have. Now, 25, a seasoned wife and an aspiring mother, it resonates even more. I see so much of my husband in Tim’s character, his romance, his determination, his kindness. Together, we share the excitement and fear that comes with becoming parents. Every person can relate to the stages of life presented – and that gives every person a reason to keep coming back to this film.





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