The Girl On The Train 

The Girl On The Train (2016)
R / 1h 52m / Drama, Mystery

– Why are you here?

– Because I’m afraid of myself.

Initially, this film pushed me away with its relentless advertising. I got pissed off when I had to watch the trailer again before my youtube video or when Emily Blunt was peeking at me from the side of my computer screen. It repulsed me. I knew everything about it from start to finish just by the trailer. It was an easy story. It was predictable.

Well, as it goes sometimes, I was wrong.

This film will reach the women more than it will the men. You will see yourself in parts of Rachel, Anna or Megan at times. Or maybe you will see yourself in all of them at once – the broken, infertile ex wife that was replaced, the other woman turned wife and the insecurities that come with that transition, or the restless and damaged woman that has everything but feels nothing. Each of them is portrayed perfectly to tug at some part inside of you – and you root for them in different ways.

I’m not so much a fool for mysteries as I am a fool for the unravelling of a person when they realize they’ve been betrayed by perception. I love analyzing truth and lies and relationships – I love lingering on cause and effect situations. When you’re forced to think of the plot as a whole when it is finished – you just witnessed good story telling.

A small part of me knew that this story couldn’t be as predictable as the trailer made it seem – and it pivoted pleasantly, though heartbreakingly. It was enough to inch this one into my top 20.



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