The Lobster

The Lobster (2015) R / 1h 59m / Comedy, Drama, Romance

Now the fact that you will turn into an animal if you fail to fall in love with someone during your stay here is not something that should upset you or get you down. Just think, as an animal you’ll have a second chance to find a companion. But, even then, you must be careful; you need to choose a companion that is a similar type of animal to you. A wolf and a penguin could never live together, nor could a camel and a hippopotamus. That would be absurd.

Quite an off beat love story here. I rather like the idea of having 45 days to find a mate or get turned into the animal of your choice, personally. The alternative – living alone with a group of people in the woods that wear trash bags and only listen to techno music. In the woods – where love is punished, where you get your lips cut off if you kiss each other and castrated if you bang.

The overall feel of this film is awkward. The dialogue is so choppy and strange. The scenery is gorgeous in juxtaposition with the dark plot. Just nothing about it made sense – and it kind of actually worked – love is hard to figure out. Just imagine having only 45 days to do so or running away to a place where you could never love again. I would watch it again, I will watch it again, but just know that this is a weird film intended on making you feel and reexamine your romantic relationships.



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