Togetherness (2015-2016)
TV- MA / 30 min / Comedy, Drama

Even though I am about 10 years behind the target age group of this show I became very connected. My heart ached for Brett and Michelle’s marriage and communication difficulties; I found familiar ground with both Brett’s human tendencies and Michelle’s familial expectations, I rooted for Alex and his budding career goals and accomplishments, I envied the friendship he shared with Brett, I watched Tina grow in ways that I am similarly experiencing in terms of turning soft to parenthood. I found a part of myself in every character, in every angle. After every episode ended I took moments to reevaluate my own life and my relationships.

Truly a gem, this one. Thank you Duplass Bros for a piece of perfection in television.

This show gave me so much, I almost want to write an angry letter to HBO for canceling it. Good news on the horizon though, the Duplass bros are giving us Room 104 in 2017 and I am counting down the days.



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