The Boy

The Boy (2016)
PG-13 / 1h 37m / Horror, Mystery
My horror film mantra goes like this: I would sit through many, many, maybe 100 bad horror movies to find that ONE that really leaves me creeped.

Never in a million years would I have picked up on the pivot of this plot and that adds so much value to this experience. Of course, it had its flaws and even cheesy jump scares, but at the end, once you soak it all up, everything about this film is horrifying.

An old couple taking care of a life sized porcelain boy to make up for the son that was killed in his youth should be somewhat touching, however, dolls have no place in my heart, they make me uncomfortable to no end so almost immediately that heavy feeling in my chest showed up. There was more than one scene that sent tingles of fear to my feet. There was even a time that I was on the doll’s side and rooting for him. Surprisingly, all of what I thought was going on was extremely false and 1000% more fucked.

So uncomfortable. So impressed.



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